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You will die at 20


The average rating was 83%

  • Films from unseen places are always appreciated
  • Wonderful movie, so beautiful to look at and such an engaging story.

Dance, Girl, Dance


The average rating was 81%

  • Seldom has a film so consistently ludicrous been so entertaining
  • Great to see this kind of subversion of Hollywood cinema.
    Arzner could only have got away with it at RKO!
  • Wonderful entertainment and loved O’Hara’s two ‘speeches’ on stage and in court – bravo!



The average rating was 77%

  • Those colours!
  • Great storytelling ably supported by massive pops of colour.



The average rating was 77%

  • Interesting but not particularly riveting  (from a 3 star voter)
  • Oh he was such a rotter but I couldn’t help liking him anyway.  The love of a good woman sorted him out – maybe? (from a 4 star voter)
  • Great to see Bresson in top form and looking forward to ‘L’Argent,’ also the Altman films.  Let’s have more of these classics by such wonderful dead directors. How about Roeg? (from a 5 star voter)

Under Snow


The average rating was 85%

  • Such a cozy, gentle film
  • If I had watched it on a tv I might have wandered away during its occasional longueurs. But on the big Embassy screen I was totally committed and loved the slightly mysterious mix of legend and cultural tourism. And the snow! I dreamt in white that night.
  • I loved this movie. Its slow, meditative pace forced me to slow down with it. I can’t remember having such a strange, pleasant movie-watching experience as this one. Thanks for programming this!